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Whiteduck Mountian Kennel

A Legacy of Excellence in Australian Cattle Dog Breeding


For over 16 years, Whiteduck Mountain Kennel, led by the dedicated expertise of Lisa Czarkowski, has stood as a beacon of excellence in the world of Australian Cattle Dog breeding. With a passion for these remarkable canines and a commitment to responsible breeding practices, Whiteduck Mountain Kennel has earned a reputation as a trusted source for families seeking to welcome a loyal and intelligent companion into their lives.

Lisa Czarkowski's journey into the realm of Australian Cattle Dog breeding began with a fascination for their unique characteristics, and over the years, her dedication and skill have transformed Whiteduck Mountain Kennel into a haven for these remarkable dogs. With an unwavering focus on maintaining breed integrity, prioritizing health and temperament, and offering a nurturing environment, Lisa has carefully cultivated generations of Australian Cattle Dogs that embody the very essence of the breed.

At Whiteduck Mountain Kennel, ethical breeding practices are at the core of every decision. Lisa's commitment to upholding breed standards and ensuring the well-being of her dogs extends beyond genetics. Each puppy benefits from early socialization, comprehensive training, and attentive healthcare, setting them up for successful integration into their new families.

Lisa Czarkowski's personalized approach sets Whiteduck Mountain Kennel apart. With a limit of 60 placements per year, Lisa can dedicate the time and attention necessary to give each dog the best possible start in life. Her commitment to transparency and open communication ensures that prospective families are well-informed about the breed and the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Whiteduck Mountain Kennel's legacy is one of excellence, compassion, and a deep love for Australian Cattle Dogs. Lisa Czarkowski's 16 years of experience have solidified her as a leader in the field, and her dedication to producing exceptional dogs has touched the lives of countless families. As Whiteduck Mountain Kennel continues to thrive, it remains a testament to Lisa's commitment to the breed and her unwavering pursuit of excellence in every aspect of Australian Cattle Dog breeding.

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