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Susie Drake...Mossy x Ford puppy born October 2022


"This is Our 2nd puppy from Lisa Czarkowski She breeds amazing dogs. My trip from California to Pennsylvania to pick out my puppy was a journey. Ended up not making it on time so Lisa picked out a puppy for me. I can’t thank her enough for this guy. He is the best boy ever. So smart and loving. Rip doesn’t leave my side. Lisa goes above and beyond for all of us. She is also very good about placing dogs with good people. Keep breeding those awesome dogs."


Review by Deborah Snyder


"Let me start by saying because of Whiteduck mountain Kennel, I have found my best friend. When I inquired about purchasing a heeler, they were kind, patient and extremely helpful from pre purchase, to post purchase. I had been in search for this particular breed for sometime. I live in NY and found Whiteduck mountain kennel via Facebook. Saw all the amazing reviews on her fb page and other social media and all the beautiful liters she had previously. There were available litters closer to myself but Lisa stood out, for multiple reasons. Lisa takes a lot of pride in her puppies and really does her best to find the perfect home for them. She knew within weeks which type of setting her pups would thrive in and let me tell you she NAILED it with me and my boy Wrangler !!! She hides nothing and is there to help. I contacted her a few times asking how to handle certain things and never once was there any negatively just pure love and help. 12 years later she still takes the time to check up on things. In the future when I am ready for another pup I plan to buy from her 100 times over. No questions asked. Thank you, Lisa !"


Review by Thomas Thomson


"Whiteduck Jewel of the Mountain. Three years old and the best working dog I have ever owned. Thank you Lisa for your great selective breeding!"


Review by Melski Rey


"Indy is doing great! She is very sassy. We are taking her to obedience training. She is very smart, picks up on things very fast. Potty training is the only difficulty I am experiencing with her. She is learning her role slowly here at the farm. Very interested in the pigs and chickens. She loves car rides too!"


Review by Steven Yankanich


"We have two of Lisa's pups they're the best 3 days and our newest buddy is already housebroken."


Review by Joann Sesser


"This face! She’ll be 11 years old in a few months! You didn’t disappoint Lisa Czarkowski!!!! Lisa knows her dogs at Whiteduck Mountain Kennels!"


Review By Bridget Dimaano


"I cannot ever thank you enough for these two!! They love being outdoors hiking or just catching balls and frisbees! They are both so incredibly healthy and very, very smart! I wish I had room for more Cattle dogs but these two have stolen our hearts!"


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