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Extended Health Guarantee

Click the button below to download a PDF copy of Whiteduck Kennels' Health Guarantee.

I have been raising HEALTHY TOP QUALITY AKC Australian Cattle Dogs since 2007′,  with import champion bloodlines, show quality markings,  &  excellent temperaments for families that love this breed.  Genetically Improving health, temperament, color, and quality from generation to generation.   I prefer to sell my puppies to active pet homes that will spoil their puppy rotten.  My puppies are bred with show quality standards so I will sell them to show homes,  periodically. Instinctively, Heelers will work stock if you want them to but some pups have a stronger herding drive than others. I will help you decide which puppy is best for your lifestyle but I do not choose your puppy, you will choose.   ACDs love sports, especially frisbee, agility, swimming, running, biking, & hiking.  They are ranked top 10 for the smartest breed.  Did you know that Australian Cattle Dog puppies are born white with or without a face mask and they should not be born with many body spots?  Some spots are AKC acceptable like a tail spot.  ACDs DO need their tails therefore,  I DO NOT crop tails.  All of my puppy parents (dam & sire) have most of the following testing completed by the age of 26 months……PRA-PRCD (eyes), PLL (eyes), Rcd4 (eyes),  BAER (hearing), OFA (hips, elbows, patellas, heart).  It is very common for this breed to go blind if not bred correctly.   Please ask me how I genetically remove the PRA-PRCD, Rcd4, and PLL disease that causes blindness in Australian Cattle Dogs.  In addition,  I will start completing OFA Dentition(bite),  OFA Shoulders, OFA Spine, and OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes on all my dogs in the near future.   Documented health clearance certificates are provided upon request.

My puppies come with a full 1-year genetic health guarantee, PA State health guarantee, 30-day free health insurance, vet exam, first shot @ 7 weeks, dewormed 4x, microchipped, AKC limited registration, & lots of love.  I feed my puppies a special diet made up of rice, meat, fish, fresh farm eggs, etc. from 4 to 8 weeks old. Puppies are raised in a home environment and handled daily.  They have much socialization with my children and family before going to their new forever home.  I do not raise my puppies in rabbit cages or crates.   Puppies are not released until they are 8 weeks old.   I will do a puppy waiting list before pups are born or I can accept a deposit on a specific color (blue or red) and gender (male or female).   I will refund your deposit if I do NOT have the requested color and gender otherwise deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind.  These dogs have lots of energy and need a lot of exercise so please do research on this breed before considering.   I am located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Shipping and/or ground transportation is available in USA & Canada sometimes internationally.

Come Meet Our Puppies

Whiteduck Mountain Kennel is state licensed and inspected (unannounced) since 2012.  Inspection reports can be found on the Pa Dept of Agriculture website. Puppy mills CAN’T obtain a state license in the state of PA therefore when researching breeders ask for their kennel license number.  I take kennel visitors by appt with a $50 deposit towards a puppy (weekdays best).

Forms of payment accepted Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Credit Cards, Postal Money Orders, Checks, Bank Wire Transfers, and old-fashioned Cash * Receipts are provided when you pick up your puppy, No deposit Refund.

You can use the PayPal button below to make a puppy deposit or payment: 

(Must Add 3% for PayPal fee every time you make a payment).  Ask about Venmo.

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